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5 things to consider when booking a wedding car

5 things to consider when booking a wedding car

There is more to booking a wedding car than you might think!   Here are some things to consider that may help your wedding day travel plans run more smoothly.


Is the style of car you are considering suitable for the distance and time of year?  Many dream of a traditional vintage car.  However, a vintage car may not be able to cover long distances, nor keep up to normal traffic speed.   You don’t want to spend half of the day getting to your reception and miss out on the fun.  The time of year would also need to be considered – many vintage cars have inefficient heating systems and no air conditioning.  Talk to your supplier about other options such as ‘vintage style cars’ – these have all the looks and style of a vintage car but are fitted with modern day engineering.  This means that they can cover long distance and at normal road speeds.  Or you could opt for something more modern altogether and enjoy the modern comforts that come with it.


If you are planning on wearing a bigger style dress or if you or your partner are particularly tall, then it’s important that you try out your car for size!   Go and see the car you are considering as sometimes pictures on the internet can be deceiving.   Practice getting in and out of the car gracefully!

Also, consider how many people will be using the car.   Usually the wedding car is used exclusively for the wedding couple but if you are planning on bringing mum, bridesmaids, Auntie Ann, Breda from next door etc. then make sure the car is the right size for your party!

Time of year

Some cars may look very pretty but are just not up to withstanding, let’s face it, the sometimes erratic Irish weather conditions.  So whether you are getting married in the summer or winter, check with your supplier that the car you are interested in booking is watertight, protects you from the wind and has a working heater or air conditioning!  If you are getting married in the summer, the sun might decide to make an appearance and when it does you will need ‘working’ air conditioning when hiring a modern car.    Nothing worse than arriving at your reception all hot and bothered.

Is the car legal?

Very boring, we know, but ALL cars being offered for hire in the Republic of Ireland must be licensed by the National Transport Authority.   The means that the car you hire has been assessed for suitability, has undertaken an NCT test at least once a year (twice a year if the car is older than 10 years).   It also has to pass an SPSV (Small Passenger Service Vehicle) test.   Only then, can the car be issued with its Green disk that you will see displayed on the front windscreen – check the validity date too!   Only cars that have been issued with an SPSV certificate can be insured with the proper insurance to cover fee paying passengers.  Two door cars such as Volkswagen Beetles, Ferrari’s, Aston Martin’s etc. CANNOT be licenced as a wedding car for safety reasons.   If you are unlucky enough to be involved in an accident, an unlicensed car will not be properly insured.   It’s not unknown for unscrupulous companies to swap insurance and road tax disks from car to car – so be very careful to check this information on the windscreen when looking at cars.   If you have any doubt, stay well away.

Supplier Reputation

Like most things you buy, you can’t beat a personal recommendation.  Check that the supplier you are considering has a good reputation.  Search for them on the internet, check out testimonials on their website and Facebook pages from previous couples.   Also don’t forget that your hotel will be dealing with suppliers on a regular basis – ask your wedding co-ordinator who they would recommend.