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Questions about the Cars

How fast can the old cars go?   I have a 1 hour journey in a normal car from the church to hotel

Our Vintage style cars can travel at normal road speeds, but to be sure, time wise, you should add about 5 to 10 minutes on a 1 hour journey.

Are the convertible cars watertight?

Generally, yes, but under severe conditions we cannot guarantee this.

Can we view the wedding cars before we book?

Absolutely, we would love you to  come down and see the cars in person.  Seeing is believing!

Will an ‘old’ vehicle be reliable?

Our Vintage style Brenchley cars run with modern engines. This means that they are lot more reliable than say a 50 or 60 year old engine. All of our wedding cars go through a very strict and regular service routine regardless of the mileage they have done. Our experience tells us that prevention is always better than cure. It should be noted that all cars whatever make or model will breakdown at some stage or another.

Do you have the correct insurance for wedding hire?

100% yes!  All of our cars have individual insurance for wedding hire and copies of our insurance is available on request.

Are the pictures of the cars on the website the actual cars?

Yes, they are.  You are very welcome to come and see the cars in person before you book.

My Partner is 6ft 2in tall, will he be comfortable in the vintage style cars?

We have had grooms of at least this height before, but it’s probably best for him to try for size for before you book.

Do you provide champagne in the wedding cars?

We provide a complementary bottle of chilled sparkling wine for you to toast your day.

Do you provide an Umbrella in the car?

Yes, we do. Normally 2 in case one breaks.  It’s always best to have your own as a back up.

Will the wedding car have ribbons on?

Yes. All vehicles are dressed with traditional white or Ivory ribbons unless you state otherwise.

Can our guests throw confetti / rice / lavender into the wedding car?

NO. We politely request that your guests do not deliberately throw any of the above near or inside any vehicle. Damp confetti can cause damage to the upholstery. Dry confetti gets into every nook and cranny and into the radiator.

Can we squeeze in an extra person?

Our Cars page on this website states the number of passengers each vehicle can seat. This cannot be exceeded.

Do you provide child seats?

Sorry but we don’t provide child seats.  Some of the cars will not take a child a seat – please check with us before booking.

Can I call you to give you my booking details rather than book on the internet?

That’s not a problem, we love to talk. Our online booking system is there to make life a little easier for you if you live abroad or work shifts and just want to get you cars booked at a time that suits you.

Can we trust you to turn up on the day?

We have looked after thousands of couples and never once have we just not turned up. Our reputation means everything to us, and is your guarantee that we will be there when we say.

How many wedding cars will I need?

This will depend on the size of your bridal party. My advice is to get the bridal car arranged and then if you feel the need for another car or cars we can help by giving you our opinion of what will work and also the best cost option for you.  The main bridal car should be special to the bride (and later the bride and groom.) We do not recommend or advise using the main bridal car for ferrying passengers. Any problems en-route will cause stress to the bride who will be waiting for the car to return as well as delaying proceedings. Utilising the main bridal vehicle for multiple trips is entirely at your own risk.

What happens if the wedding car breaks down?

This has to be the most frequently asked question but the answer has many different scenarios and therefore a simple answer is not possible. We will try to cover the most common situations:

  1. Should the car breakdown prior to the hire date and we are unable to rectify the problem in time, wherever possible you will be offered the choice of  an alternative vehicle.
  2. Should the car breakdown on the day of hire, this is regarded as an emergency and we reserve the right to substitute another vehicle and is subject to availability.
  3. If you have hired more than one vehicle and one suffers a breakdown during the course of the hire period which cannot be rectified, one of the other vehicles may be able step in and you will be on your way as soon as possible.

If you have not hired any additional vehicles and the problem cannot be rectified, we are left to rely on a guest or kind passing motorist to help get you there. The chances are, you will be late. If the vehicle is unable to continue with the itinerary, sending a replacement is not always practical and unlikely due to distance and time constraints.
In either instance, the chauffeur will make his preliminary checks.  Do bear in mind he is not a mechanic and he will be under pressure. Cars are machines and so it is inevitable that from time to time (and it is rare) they do break down. This in no way reflects our commitment to maintain all vehicles to the highest possible standard. Anyone hiring a car, should be aware that they can breakdown. It must be accepted by the Hirer that booking a vehicle does not guarantee its performance. It does no good apportioning blame for circumstances unforeseen and beyond our control. It must be understood that sometimes it happens and no one is to blame.

We strongly recommend and advise that you have a back-up travel plan in place before the day begins.

IF THE THOUGHT OF TEMPORARY OR FULL MECHANICAL BREAKDOWN on your wedding day is keeping you awake at night, you really only have two options:

  • Option 1 – Hire 2 vehicles, that way if anything happens to the 1st vehicle, the 2nd vehicle has the chance to take over.
  • Option 2 – Hire brand new vehicles which will have the benefit of modern technology and mechanics and are less likely to experience problems. (But can still break down.)

Can the bridal car take the bridesmaids first then come back for the bride?

Yes, if requested but not recommended. Each journey must not exceed 5 km each way. There may be a small fee for this service. It must be noted that any delays during the first journey will have a knock-on effect for the second trip and thereafter. The longer the journey time, the worse this will be. Using the same car may be a risky strategy. We believe the bride should have her own personal vehicle. REMEMBER – these are very special vehicles for a very special event – do not use them like a taxi

Will you provide wedding transport for a Civil Partnership?

Yes. We provide transport for weddings of all denominations, Civil Ceremonies, Civil Partnerships, Wedding Blessings and renewal of vows.

How long can we have the wedding car for?

The quote given will be for our wedding car hire service – see our what’s included in the hire

What’s included in the price?

Please refer to our What’s included page for detailed information on this.

How far do you travel?

We can travel anywhere up to 4 hours away from our Waterford base, but please note your quote will reflect the distance travelled

Do you provide vehicles for school Graduations or other types of hire ?

Yes we do. Just contact via email or call 087 90 30 601

Payment Questions

Do I need to pay a deposit to reserve a wedding vehicle?

Yes. Deposits can be paid by credit or debit card or cash or Bank Transfer. Vehicles are only reserved upon payment of the appropriate fee & a completed Booking Form.

When is the balance payment due?

Your balance payment can be paid prior to the wedding day using Credit or Debit cards Cash or by bank transfer. We do not except cheque payments. Payments can be made on the day but must be in cash.

Will I get a receipt from you for any money paid?

Yes you will, we are fully tax compliant and issue receipts for everything.

Will I lose my deposit if I cancel my booking?

Yes. All deposits are non-refundable.

We haggle on everything, do you mind if we do this with you?

We don’t give an inflated price to begin with . We will offer you our best price at the time of your enquiry and that will be our final price. There are hundreds of cut price wedding cars for you to choose from, but always go to see them first.

General Questions

We have been forced to change the collection address / Reception location since we made the booking will there be an extra charge?

This will all depend on where you are now going from or to, just make contact and we can tell you. Any changes to those specified at the time of booking may incur an additional charge.

We live out in the country – Will you be able to find us?

We are a long time at this, don’t worry. We will take detailed directions from you, look you up via your eircode or google maps and make sure we have plenty of time to find you.


What happens if the wedding car is delayed?

There can be several reasons why the car may be delayed. This could be due to traffic congestion, road closures, level crossings, accidents, weather etc. All of which are unforeseen and beyond our control. Your chauffeur will always keep you informed if they are likely to be delayed.  We always aim to be at your departure point 30 mins before you need to leave to allow for any delay incurred.

I have a question that is not listed on this page

No problem.  You can either give me call on 0879030601 or email info@alleventslimos.com

I will do my best to answer and I will also add your question to the web page.